In 2021 Snow Owl was featured by Hans Zimmer in the epic soundtrack for Denis Villeneuve’s Sci-Fi blockbuster “Dune”. The score was nominated for a Grammy® and swept the 2022 awards season by winning an Oscar, a BAFTA and a Golden Globe Award. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Bentley NAIM features Snow Owl

Composer and producer Steve Mazzaro, whose recent film score credits include No Time to Die and Dune, was commissioned by Bentley to craft a piece of music that would demonstrate the power, clarity and richness of the Naim system while also reflecting a musical interpretation of Bentley’s design philosophy – being inspiring, harmonious and potent. Once written, Mazzaro turned to some of the best instrumentalists in the world to bring the score to life. With in-person recording not possible thanks to Covid-19, the musicians recorded themselves remotely from countries around the world, before Mazzaro assembled their individual and extraordinary talents into one cohesive whole. The team comprised of Cellist Tina Guo, Bassist Juan Garcia-Herreros, Guitarist Guthrie Govan, Percussionist Holly Madge and Drummer Satnam Ramgotra.

Snow Owl featured in "The Secret Arts"

'The Secret Arts' is an independent movie project born out of passion for magic, science and the arts and their interdependency in everyday life.

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